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Available NOW, this first edition book by Hugh Slatter will become a true collector’s item in no time at all. At the low price of $35.00 for an unsigned edition and $40.00 for a signed edition, plus shipping, Hugh’s book won’t last long (very limited quanities), so order your copy TODAY!
We’re sure you have at least one friend or relative who is a Veteran and would thoroughly enjoy reading Hugh’s book. Speaking of Veterans, ALL PROFITS GO TO US AND SA (South African) VETERANS ASSOCIATIONS. Hugh is a Veteran, a true patriot and he supports our troops, our Veterans and the Rhodesian/Zimbabwe South African Veterans.
Payment is simple; just select either the unsigned or the signed book, click the PayPal button and order as many copies as you want, using your current PayPal account or virtually any valid-in-the-US credit card. In and 5-10 days delivery time, you’ll receive your book(s) at your PayPal verified shipping address.
If you have any questions, special requests or need additional information, please contact Hugh at the email address below. Thank You!


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